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AGLOCO is a A Global Community that is owned by its members. It is touted as the internet's first economic community and is owned 100% by its members. Once a user signs up, they are asked to download the Viewbar software (which is currently still in closed testing and will be released soon). Currently, AGLOCO plans to pay each member one share per hour up to five hours. For every member they refer, they will receive one quarter share per hour. With this software, there are many ways in which AGLOCO can earn money for its members.

How can I make money with AGLOCO?

Members are able to earn a monthly share of the ALGOCO revenue based on their usage of the Viewbar that month.

2. Members will earn a portion of the company based on their hourly usage of the Viewbar for that month.

3. Members who use the referral system will earn more. ALGOCO's value increases as the numbers of users increase. Therefore members who join early on should be compensated more.

4. Members will also receive a percentage of the commission ALGOCO receives when a purchase is made through advertisements on the Viewbar.

Companies like Google, Msn, and Yahoo gather information from your surfing habits and show you advertisements accordingly. AGLOCO feels that you should be compensated for these advertisements and is willing to pay you money to use their service.

Why you should Join.

It costs nothing to join and takes only a few steps.

2. You will be helping to build this community from the early stages. The earlier you join, the more benefit you see from this company.

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